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[December 30th, 2006
at 1:20pm]

Is there any way possible to downgrade my 2.82 firmware psp? Please tell me it's possible, or at least tell me that someone is working on a way to downgrade 3.82 firmware in the future >_
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So, can I do this or...? [April 9th, 2006
at 3:14am]

Right, so I have a few videos that I want to transfer to my psp. But they're from itunes, and for some reason the drag and drop manager that I'm using won't recognize the videos, although I transferred one directly, but I have no clue where the video actually is now. So, any help? Thanks.
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PSP Video [April 4th, 2006
at 7:34pm]

I've been reading the manual for instructions and going to the PSP and MemoryStick webpages and I can't find any information on how to save videos and what to name the folder. I'm still trying to figure if "mpeg" plays on the PSP (because I see MPEG-4 works...but no MPEG by itself). I tried putting the mpeg video into a "VIDEO" folder in the PSP and it didn't do it...err...

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ZIPPER: PSP Digital Comic Wallpaper [March 2nd, 2006
at 3:28pm]

ZIPPER PSP Wallpaper!

Download freely and upload to your PSP, but please do not distribute on your site without permission.

© 2006 Made in DNA / ja'il

Special thanks to zero_butterfly for her help.

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Zipper PSP Digital Comic (Sneakpeek Thumbnails) [February 8th, 2006
at 12:12pm]

Lay your squinties on these! Sneekpeek thumbnails of the manga in rough sketch form!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Contains some soft adult material. Probably not be work-safe.

© 2006
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Official game demos. [December 2nd, 2005
at 2:20pm]
Anybody know of any official downloadable game demos for my sleek little white box o' tricks?
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[November 29th, 2005
at 1:39pm]
Picked up Metal Gear Acid a couple of days ago, and games of that style usually don't appeal to me in the slightest, but at the moment I'm hooked. Apart from annoyingly have to sit through all the speech, it's surprisingly enjoyable.

Anyone else got it / played it? Thoughts?
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Lumines. [November 27th, 2005
at 12:41am]
[ mood | content ]

I have a goal: To reach the maximum possible score of 999,999 (in challenge mode) ten times, to fill up the top score screen.

I am now halfway there.

Edit: I am now up to 7

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[November 25th, 2005
at 5:18pm]

Hey all. I am building a SOCOM FTB Clan. Its called AO! or Adults Only.

If you are interested in joining, reply to this.

The number one rule is.......

You must be atleast 21.

Adults Only.

Are you sick of little kids talking the whole round so you cant communicate.
Does it seem like everyone on your team is Rambo?
Do you really wish someone would just take charge?

Would you like to be lead by a retired soldier?

Adults Only.
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Noodle Punk [November 16th, 2005
at 12:40pm]

Am I the only one who thinks that the Noodle Punk minigame in GTA: LCS would make a great game in and of itself? It could be expanded by setting it into a world of its own ala Brian Wood's Couscous Express. At times like this, I really wish I had become a programmer.
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Introduction, Zipper PSP Manga, and Contest [November 16th, 2005
at 9:45am]

Hello everyone, my name is Made in DNA, and I'm a big PSP fan. I preordered mine and got it in Japan the day it was released. I only have a few games, but I'm one of those "slow players" who likes to take their time playing a game (it took me 3 years to finish the original DOOM, and when I did finish, I was kinda shocked... "oh man, I finished" ahaha!)

I'm an American living and working in Japan as a translator and writer, and I enjoy manga, anime, travel, amatuer digital photographay, mountain climbing, reading, writing, scuba, and tons more. Currently I am working on a PSP Manga project that will launch early next year. Thrilled by the idea of comics for the PSP, I was inspired to write my own after seeing the debut of NYC2123: DAYENDER. Entitled ZIPPER, it is set in the far future (about 700 years) with high-tech, cyberpunk themes.

I have opened a site work-blog dedicated to it, and released rough sketches of the ZIPPER characters. Along with them, the chance to win a free copy of the comic upon release day (tentatively scheduled for Spring 2006). This is not a joke or a scam in any way. Check out the site and you'll see a genuine chance to win, PLUS, over the next few months during the production phase (the story is already finished, we are now illustrating), there will be pin-up art giveaways, PSP wallpaper giveaways, and more. I am also currently working with skinning companies to produce ZIPPER skins.

So head over to the site, and put in your two cents for the "NAME ZIPPER'S A.I. ROBOT COMPANION CONTEST" at Zipper: PSP Manga Blog.

Yours respectfully,
Made in DNA


Contest ends November 30th, 2005.
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PSP Music question.. [November 9th, 2005
at 4:34pm]

Hi guys, I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me. I just got a PSP and have read the manual and all that jazz, but this thing refuses to store my music. To store music on the memory stick, the manual says I must create a folder for music. I did this on Windows Media Player in the "External hardware" component when I uploaded the music files to the stick through an USB Cable, but then the PSP says there are no tracks. Am I completely retarded and missing something painfully obvious?
Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Question... [November 4th, 2005
at 11:14am]
Since GTA:LCS is getting its UK release today, anyone know if it requires the 2.0 firmware like the US version?


Edit: It appears it does.
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[October 27th, 2005
at 9:29pm]
Any one know of any decent homebrew Poker games?

Links please.

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[October 9th, 2005
at 9:13pm]

My cousin bought a PSP from his friend today, but it doesn't want to play the Roms. When you go to the Memory Stick section under games, it shows the SNES icon, but when I push X it tells me it can not execute it. I checked his system's info and his version is 1.51. Is that the problem? If that's it, is there anyway to go back to the previous version?
Oh and another question...I have Darkstalker, if I want to play another person, does that person need to have another Darkstalkers game? I had heard that you could play with only one UMD. We tried but the PSP said that it couldn't find another player when tried game sharing. Thank U.
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FOR SALE [September 28th, 2005
at 12:02am]

Brand new PSP factory sealed in box with free leather carrying case for only $220 Plus S+H if interested email me at ecwrvdwwe316@aol.com. I accept Paypal and MO
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[September 26th, 2005
at 11:25am]

[ mood | sore ]

Hi, I am thinking about getting a psp,more due to the mp3 player abilities. Would you suggest that? I just didn't know how great that feature was. I was just going to get an ipod, but then I thought why shouldn't i get something with gaming, and movie features also. If anyone has any opinions I would be much obliged.

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[September 18th, 2005
at 12:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Need I say more?

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Your wallpaper? [September 17th, 2005
at 1:29am]
[ mood | I have to pee. ]

Hey people. Just wonderin what wallpapers you're all usin for your PSP?
Or if you have some that you'd like to share with everyone.

My Favorites:Collapse )

I prefer backgrounds with the darkened areas for menu items. Makes it easier to read, and it feels more organized.

Also, does anyone here do Photoshop? I'm wanting some MGS4 backgrounds made, but i dont have any editing programs (besides paint), nor could i make a decent wallpaper if i did have one.

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[September 16th, 2005
at 6:01pm]

here's my psp collection so far..it'll grow in the future..let me know what you think..:]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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